Welcome to HackThisAI!

HackThisAI is a series of capture the flag (CTF) challenges to educate and train adversarial machine learning techniques. CTFs are a common way information security professionals learn new skills and compete across the community. Challenges are categorized so that players can focus on specific topics. The HackThisAI challenges should be approachable for new data scientists, machine learning engineers, and traditional infosec professionals, but progress in difficulty to a point that requires combinations of advanced techniques and creative approaches.


Often, you'll see adversarial machine learning tasks classified into these buckets.

Challenge Directory

New challenges are constantly being developed and released. Follow @HackThisAI on Twitter for updates (or join in and contribute your own). The linked READMEs describe the process for locally-hosted challenges. Replace localhost:5000 with the IP:PORT combination from the link. For instance, http://localhost:5001/check becomes If you're having trouble submitting challenges, check out the submission helper in the linked GitHub repo or contact me on Twitter.

More challenges are available for you to self-host at https://github.com/JosephTLucas/HackThisAI